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When Corporate Imaging Concepts, Inc. was founded in 1996, the company’s mission was to be best in class. That meant not only an allegiance to staying customer-focused (our clients and their customers), but in changing the rules of the game.  We believed that our customers wanted more than logo-imprinted trash and trinkets.  We wanted to be a branded products partner with experience, integrity and something really new to offer.

o   We invested in the engineering of software that revolutionized the supply chain by shortening it, resulting in fewer errors, faster delivery and better prices, plus
online real-time management reports covering a wide spectrum of intelligence, not the least of which is just-in-time ordering and inventory levels. 

o   This game-changing platform eliminates errors caused by manual handling, shortens lead and delivery times and, along with the purchasing clout of a Top Ten Distributor, lowers costs by an average of 21.3%.

o   We built a team of professionals from the ground up – experienced marketing and product experts assigned to specific accounts – and made them accessible to our clients, 24/7 if needed.  Not salespeople pushing the latest gadget from some overseas factory.  Real professionals. 

o   We set high standards – with over 98% of orders received by noon shipped out the same day.  And set some of the most rigid quality control standards in the industry.

o   We placed every department and every staff member under one roof – and outsourced nothing.

o   We dedicated our executive staff and our account teams to staying current, forecasting trends and listening. 

o   We sought out the best suppliers on the planet and made sure that, whether the product is a water bottle, a polo shirt or an award,
we have multiple solutions for every item.

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